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Aug 17, 2013 8:00am PDT
in the america's cup races draw angry words from the accused. >>> teaching the teachers? the high-tech program at san francisco's exploretorium that helps kids do better in school. >>> you are looking live at the cu east bay conference. it will be >>> welcome back, everyone. we're coming up on 8:30 and starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. >> hey, katie, good morning to you. hi, everyone. the view quite interesting. we'll see a layer of clouds adding a further dimension to the sky and temperatures are cool in san francisco at 58. 59 in oakland, 63 in san jose with mostly cloudy skies. the cloud layer is compressed scompressed, but we have some higher clouds. after that burns on back, we'll see a mostly sunny afternoon and our warmer temperatures returning to the east bay, the low to mid-90s for the valleys. we'll see low 80s as you get closer to vallejo q comfortable 70s as you head to oakland and berkeley. we'll talk about the fire danger visiting us in the next several days. katie? >>> we have breaking news right now. there is a shelter in place in both fremont and loss p
Aug 24, 2013 8:00am PDT
>> reporter: they came in busloads from cities across america. this morning, sliz preparing to make the journey back to the lincoln memorial. where americans demanded an end to racial inequality and after scenes like this. >> actually behind his shoulder in this picture. >> reporter: with just 16 years old when she attended the march. on saturday her daughter, tonya, will join her to commemorate 50 years for that historic moment. >> i have a dream today. >> reporter: that year, 1963. even president kennedy addressed the nation on tv. boldly supporting civil rights. >> all americans afforded equal rights and equal opportunities. >> 50 years later, a black man who is president. >> it was such a joy. to see even with a black president, we still have a long way to go. >> reporter: she says she is troubled by the death of florida teen trayvon martin. >> his badge of citizenship did not protect him being able to walk down the street and not be harassed. >> reporter: even her daughter acknowledges there's more work ahead. >> what is your hope for saturday's speech? >> hope and get people a
Aug 3, 2013 8:00am PDT
. as they go on to change the face of education. >> members of the america's cup team are presenting sweden say they are overcoming a hardship and making tremendous progress. they suffered a tragic loss. a new boat had to be shipped in and that along with other delays have the team playing catch-up >> a lot is going to depend on how the training goes and how well we are going to go. >> the winner of sweden versus italy sails against new zeal and then the winner of that face oracle team. >> live stream is now available in the bay area. first local station and abc is the first broadcast network to bring you a live stream of local news and all of your local favorite tv shows. you never have to miss a minute of the news and shows you love. watch abc allows you to bring abc with you wherever you want to be. special benefit brought to you by comcast and at&t at no additional cost. go to to find out how to watch abc. enter your account information and get the watch abc live stream. you can search watch abc to download the app. >> a car slams into a marketed and there is a fight to keep th
Aug 10, 2013 8:00am PDT
through the challenger's final. it kerms the america's cup challenger. >>> we now know why police opened fire and killed a man in sunnyvale. police tell "abc 7 news" the man was armed with a nine inch blade and charged at officers. it happened at the end of a two-hour standoff thursday morning on san pedro avenue. the man called 911 and said he had just killed someone. a woman's body believed to be his estranged wife was found in the home. >>. >> governor jerry brown is going to the u.s. supreme court over prison overcrowding. he has asked to overturn a lower court ruling that ordered california to cut its prison population by 10,000. they contend violent felons will have to be set free if the order is followed. >> in the first study of its kind, scientists have pinpointed differences in the developing brain that may increase the risk of cognitive disabilities such as attention hyperactivity disorder. they are hoping to develop tests that make an earlier diagnosis. carolyn johnson reports. >> born four months early, it's hard to determine what this premie could face. they looked deep int
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4